Uncovering The Relationship Between Area And Perimeter

We have been working on understanding the relationship between perimeter and area.

Here are some views of our class working together during mathematics. In groups, students had the task of building storyboards for four different “measuring” situations. If, in situation one, the measurement was the one component of the storyboard given, then students had to determine a plausible real-world situation or “story” that matched this measurement, provide any equations that were used to draw conclusions and also include sketches or diagrams. So, all hands were needed on deck for students to provide a story, generate equations, diagrams and computations for four different and separate situations involving perimeter and area.

For each situation, the information  that was provided differed so students had to either build understanding from a story or complete the task by ending with their own real-world story that would be plausible given the measurements and diagrams. The goal was for students to uncover relationships between perimeter and area and to determine or create their own formulas to find these measurements.

5 thoughts on “Uncovering The Relationship Between Area And Perimeter

  1. Hi,
    I really thought that you were from a college or something because you sounded so brainy,but when I saw your pictures I thought that you guys a so brainy.
    How did you guys figure these out?

  2. Hello,
    Our class has been looking at area and perimetre.
    We have only done a little bit of work but we have learnt so much. Your class has learnt how to do area and perimetre in a diffrent way to us!
    Maybe we could have a skype calling (My class and yours) and talk about what you have learnt on these topics.
    From Keisha

  3. Hey there!
    I’m Yuri and I’m from Australia.
    I love how you made the Uncovering The Relationship Between Area And Perimeter It was very clever my ice skating coach is Canadian and said it is very cold and beautiful! whereabouts in Canada is your school
    please reply soon
    P.S how was your summer?

    • Hi Yuri,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog.
      I think that is very interesting that your ice skating coach is Canadian. Our school is in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. We are in the province of British Columbia which is along the western coast of Canada. We are right along the Pacific Ocean and we have lots of mountains, rivers, and forests.
      Our summer is finally getting nice and warm, but this is just before our seasons will change from summer to autumn. All through July and August we have had cold days with nothing very much warmer than about 19 to 20 degrees celsius. Now we are having warmer days of 24 to 26 degrees and this comes just as we are getting ready to head back to school. We can have a lot of forest fires in British Columbia (BC) so one benefit of a cooler summer is that we haven’t had too many wild fires. Hopefully that won’t change.
      I will be teaching a grade kindergarten/one class this new year which starts tomorrow so that will be a really big change for me. My new blog is The Bird Nest and I have just started this primary blog.
      Ms Clayton

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