Earth Day In Our Classroom

Try to make every day Earth Day was our view of April 22nd, 2011

Love_your_motherHow do you protect the Earth from possible harm? At our school, we try to reduce the amount of energy we consume by not leaving lights on in an empty room and turning lights off when we can in occupied rooms. We turn computer monitors off so they don’t consume unnecessary energy. We recycle paper, try to use Google Docs and our blogs for a lot of our writing and we bring sweaters to school to stay warm rather than turning our heat way up. We are so lucky to be a school that does not require buses to transport students to school. So when a teacher is on duty in the morning, she or he gets to visit with and greet all our students and families who walk from all directions to school.

We know there are many more ways we can contribute as citizens to keeping the Earth healthy. We can become more aware of what we bring to school for lunches and how much of our packaging needs to go into a recycling bin instead of being reused daily. If we use reusable containers, we don’t add unnecessarily to the large blue bin in our room. Juice and water brought in containers that are reused daily after washing at home are the way to go.

We do lots of things to help our school show consideration for the Earth so we decided to help our families think about being green. Students came up with a plan for the design for the front of a fabric grocery bag. They used a piece of paper from a newspaper roll end to design the image, think of a message, and to think of the colour scheme using pencil crayons. Then each student was responsible for replicating this image on her or his bag with fabric paint. Painting on fabric was a fun experience for students.

Each student has a picture of her or his fabric grocery bag on the student blogs listed in the right side bar. Please take a look at the student blogs to see other ideas students have about Earth Day. Here is a slide show of us creating Earth Day grocery bags and what the completed bags look like.

Music on Animoto slide show is from Jamendo – Creative Commons: Tunguska Electronic Music Society (Eugene Kush – Winter Waltz)

Image Credit: “Love Your Mother” by Cayusa

This post was written for Challenge 7 of the March Student Blogging Challenge.

One thought on “Earth Day In Our Classroom

  1. Hi,
    I am Emily P and I live in Sydney, Australia.

    I watched the slide show and it looks that you had so much fun! I loved all of the beautiful designs on the fabric grocery bag! You all are so great at drawing. I especially loved the way that most of you drew Earth in the center! I think we should save the Earth, too.

    Emily P (in Australia)

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