Welcome to Courtenay on Vancouver Island!

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – Courtenay in British Columbia has something for all!

The first thing you need to know about coming to our community is knowing which continent we live on. We are in North America and we live in the country that is the furthest north.  Canada is the country and the specific location is Courtenay in the province of British Columbia (B.C.). We are on the western side of Canada and British Columbia borders along the Pacific Ocean. Another province, Alberta, is beside us on B.C.’s eastern border. The United States (U.S.) of America is along our southern border and also on our northwestern corner where Alaska, U.S. is situated. In addition to Alaska we are also bordered in the north by two of Canada’s territories, Yukon and Northwest Territories:

Comox Glacier

Comox Glacier

If you were to visit British Columbia, please make time to visit Vancouver Island for that is where Courtenay is located.Vancouver Island is right alongside the mainland of British Columbia.

Our community, Courtenay, is on the east coast of Vancouver Island. We do get a lot of storms but they aren’t as fierce as the storms that communities on the west coast get. The west coast of Canada is on the “Ring of Fire” and this is known as the areas along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Crispy Landing by Liam Higgins

Crispy Landing by Liam Higgins

If you were to visit Courtenay, you would most likely hear people speaking English. French is Canada’s other official language and we have French language courses in school as well as French Immersion programs. In the Comox Valley, the K’omoks First Nations’ traditional language is Kwak̓wala although this language was not the original language of people in the area.

If you like skiing, Mt. Washington is very popular during our winter – December to March (often with skiing starting prior to December and extending beyond March}.

We have great beaches in Comox and the other communities south and north of Courtenay. We have islands that you can visit with a short ferry trip. We have great hiking year round, swimming at lakes, and rivers to explore. Lots of students enjoy skateboarding and bike riding.

Please take my survey about what you would like to do if you could visit Courtenay.

This blog post is for Challenge 4

Image Credit: “Comox Glacier #676” by nemo’s great uncle; “Crispy Landing” by Liam Higgins

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Courtenay on Vancouver Island!

    • Hi Evan,

      I sure wish I knew the name of that mountain bike trail. I used this picture because the boys in my class said that they couldn’t find a picture of bike riding or skate boarding around Courtenay.

      Of course, they could use my camera and take pictures around here.

      I wonder how we could find out where this place is.

      Ms Clayton

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  2. Hi!
    This is Liam and I live in Comox too! The glacier looks really cool. And I’ve been to Mt. Washington too. Its soo cool there.
    I will watch your voting poll.

    • Hi Liam,

      Thank you for your comment and your interest in the voting poll. Do you get to visit Mt. Washington a lot? Do you go skiing in the winter time or hiking in the summer?

      Ms Clayton

  3. Howdy!

    I am Ryan from Canada, British Columbia.
    Vancouver Island, Comox and Mt. Washinton is AWESOME for sledding but they got sued by a person who got hurt.
    Have you been to Victoria? Its busy there obviously. because it is a big city.

    • Howdy Ryan,

      Thank you for your comment. That is unfortunate that someone was injured while sledding on Mt. Washington.

      I do like going to Victoria. My son goes to university in Victoria and I went to university in Victoria too. I think there are a lot of really great things to do in Victoria.

      Ms Clayton

  4. Dear Ms Clayton and Class,

    We loved reading about British Colombia, it sounds like a wonderful place! We would love to visit there one day!

    We are in London at the moment and everyone is getting exciting about the Royal Wedding.

    Keep up the good work,

    Love Odd and Izzi x

  5. That’s so cool that your class lives on Vancouver Island! I don’t know why but I always wanted to visit Vancouver! Awesome Blog post by the way! 🙂

    • Hi Christian,

      Vancouver Island is a great place to live. I have family on both the northern end of Vancouver Island and the southern end and I like living in the middle. I hope you get to visit Vancouver one day.

      Ms Clayton

  6. Hi my name is Yanely and I’m from Mr. MIller’s room. I like the bike riding. Sometimes I go bike riding with my mom and my sister. It is a pretty rough trip. but we still like to go.
    sincerely your friends Mr. Miller and The Class

  7. Hi Yanely,

    That is great that you get out and enjoy bike riding. Lots of the students in my class love bike riding and ride their bikes to school too.

    Ms Clayton

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