Heads And Feet Challenge

Here we are, scrambling to catch up after a one-week holiday – our “Spring Break” vacation. We are still trying to move forward with the March Student Blogging Challenge.

 Here is an Animoto video presenting some of our avatars:

 Music Credit: “Start” by Petite Viking at Jamendo – Creative Commons

Let me reveal myself through my avatars.

mini_mizer wimp my_eyemii

 This post is part of Challenge 2 of the March Student Blogging Challenge.

5 thoughts on “Heads And Feet Challenge

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  2. It is nice to have come across your website, via Mr Miller. I enjoyed this twist on animoto. As I have been mulling over a two day project, perhaps avitar creation might be part of my answer.
    Your use of Creative Commons music also added a twist. I will explore yoursite a little more now.
    Is this what all teachers do in their holidays?

    Mr E
    Hawes CP School


    • Hello!

      Thanks for your comment. I am smiling at your question about if this is what all teachers do during their holidays! It seems that this is the case sometimes. I should set “my goal” to supporting students in creating an animoto presentation of their choice. I guess nothing is stopping me in getting going on that one.
      Ms Clayton

    • Hi Timothy,

      Thank you for the compliment on our avatar video. The students in my class really liked this challenge, because they got to visit all the avatar sites (and new ones) again.

      Ms Clayton

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