End of The Week Creativity (Play)

Connecting with a blogging community is a great way to find some creative ways to spend some “free time.”

It is true that this is not the first time I have invested time exploring sites on the Web; however, it is one of the few times I am taking the time to create a quick post around my art.

Tech Creativity

Tech Creativity

Last night, I arrived home from school far too late to get much done except… check in on the Edublogs Teacher Challenge which led me to Ms Cheeseman and Mrs. Fennemore’s pictures created from Bomomo. After I created this art, I thought that I might take all the words from this post and create a “tagxedo” or a “wordle” word cloud. My decision was to use a Tagxedo shape. Since it is snowing heavily, I needed to include this weather theme when considering the shape of my word cloud.


Space Betweeners, please reach back in your memory to your early blogging experiences. We need to polish our commenting skills before the March 2011 Student Challenge begins.

Please leave a comment here that encourages a conversation. What new ideas have you tried in blogging? What have you seen on other blogs that you would like to try to create? What are the most important things you need to remember when leaving comments on blogs? Practise writing a comment here that shows your thinking on the topic and that also engages other readers to connect with you. We welcome all commenters!

 Image Credit: Bomomo Freestyle Art and Tagxedo Word Cloud

28 thoughts on “End of The Week Creativity (Play)

  1. Dear Ms Clayton
    I think that the bomomo tech art is cool. I wish I could do that. I think that sometime I will do that so I can put it on my blog. What other shapes can you make those tagxedo word clouds? Can the colours changed too?
    Bye for now.
    From Katelyn

    • Hi Katelyn,
      Sure, I think it would be fun for everyone to try the Bomomo paint application tool out really soon. I think it would look great to have everyone’s pictures in a Photo Peach rotating slide show. Wow, that would be colourful!
      How else would you display Bomomo art or other techy kinds of art?
      Great talking with you, Katelyn.
      Ms Clayton

  2. Hi Ms.Clayton,
    That’s a cool post. I would like to put a Bomomo on my blog. I would also like to put a Tagxedo on my blog. Is that Bomomo art fun to make?

    • Hi Zoe,
      I always wonder what kind of posts I can write that will inspire people to connect in a conversation. When you find something new and then try it on your own blog it is good blogging etiquette to share where you got your idea. Well, last night, I also wanted to extend my thanks to Ms Cheeseman, who will be commenting on some Space Betweeners student blogs, and Mrs. Fennemore who is a Canadian teacher living in on the other side of the country, by leaving a comment on their blogs. I had no success with that but I will try again.
      The Bomomo art is fun, but you need to practice a little. Take a look at Mrs. Fennemore’s art work and then Ms Cheeseman’s and tell me what you think of their pictures.
      Ms Clayton

    • Hi Hilary,
      Those tagxedo tag/word clouds are pretty cool. You can choose so many different colours and even different colours for the background. Here are a few of the things you can change: font style, orientation or the direction of the words (horizontal, vertical, combination of both) and of course the shape. Since it was snowing, I thought I would use either the snowflake or the snow”person”.
      Why do you think everyone in class called it a snow”MAN”? Ms Clayton

  3. Hi, Ms Clayton

    I think the Bomomo looks really interesting and I am looking forward to putting one on my blog. I am also really excited for the student challenge because I am going to put cool stuff on my blog and I get to see what my fellow classmates do on their blog. I cant wait until I get a wordle on my blog. I am wondering how many things do we get to put on our blogs.

    From, Melody

    • Hi Melody,
      I really appreciate your enthusiasm for blogging. You are a good role model for classmates.

      Do you think it is easy to think of a picture, slide show, techy (Web 2.0) thing that will connect with your post topic?

      Any thoughts on that Melody?
      Ms Clayton

  4. Hi Ms. Clayton
    I can easily start a long conversation, I’ve Been in a Conversation With Greyson http://greysonh4.edublogs.org/
    since the begining of the year.
    So I can start a conversation, and I will.

    I Really like your Bomomo picture, If I click on the blue thing that says “bomomo” will the website appear?

    • Hi Darcy,
      I am lucky to have you in the class the very first year that I decide to undertake blogging with the class. (Thankful, indeed!)
      You have had great conversations with Greyson!
      Yes, if you click on the blue bomomo word, it will take you to bomomo. Good question, because I will now go and create a link in the sidebar under Web 2.0 links.
      If you were to add a picture created at Bomomo, what kind of post would you put it in?
      Sincerely and quite clearly,
      Ms Clayton

  5. Hi Ms.Clayton
    I really liked the bomomo it looked really neat so did the wordle. I should make a bomomo and a wordle sometime.I am really looking forward on these projects.

    • Hi Dakota,

      Thanks for your comment. I had fun creating the bomomo picture. It is interesting how there are twenty tools you can use and you could decide to use only two or three and your picture would be a “keeper”.
      Sometimes it’s fun to just play and not have to write a post. This time it was fun to just write a post that was light and fun and not too much brain work. Sometimes we all need to keep things light. Don’t hold me to that Monday morning…
      Ms Clayton
      P.S. What would you like to write a post about?

    • Hi Eric,
      Why oh why do you ask hard questions?
      I think I like the Bomomo paint application a little better because it lets your creativity flow and you can relax and enjoy the process. It does take skill and patience to get the desired effect. You need to decide which tools to use and if you will limit yourself to just one or two or to use them all.
      I really like the tagxedo, too, because there are so many choices. I have a feeling that there is a lot more you can do with Tagxedo, but I haven’t invested the time in it yet. For example, I could have chosen to embed the tagxedo (I think) and when you scroll over the words they pop up and you focus on each word separately. Go try it and then come back and tell me how you like it.
      Ms Clayton

  6. Hi Ms. Clayton
    I think the bomomo is really cool because of all the color everywhere. So, what I am really interested in is how many times you have used the bomomo art site?
    I know it is important to add a question at the end of a post comment, so I am wondering if lots of other bloggers have used bomomo. What other tech art tools on the web have other people used?

    • Hi Trysten,
      I hope you get others answering you, Trysten.

      I only tried the Bomomo site once after I read Ms Cheeseman’s post about it. I quite like the random black lines (and not too many) that strike through the picture.
      What are you interested in using, the Tagxedo site or the Bomomo site, and explain why?
      Ms Clayton

  7. Hi Ms Clayton!
    I really like the “bomomo” art. I think its very awesome in so many ways!!!

    Well, have to go now. Bye for now.

    Sincerly, Brianna

    P.S. How might we use “Bomomo” in the classroom?

    • Hi Brianna,
      That is neat that you think the bomomo art is awesome. I think it is “neat” because you are a pencil and paper “hands-on” artist so it is neat that techy types of art are appealing to you too. I guess one could say, “once an artist, always an artist” regardless of the media chosen to creat.
      Hmmm, how could we use bomomo in the classroom. I would love to have a huge bomomo picture on my living room wall. Is there an artist whose work resembles this art style in any way?
      Ms Clayton

  8. hi Ms. Clayton

    The bomomo is really cool, same with the tagxedo. Can you change the color of the words and the shape? Can I have a bomomo on my blog?
    Talk to you soon

    • Hi Emma,
      I like both the Bomomo and the Tagxedo too. You can change the colour and shape (and font style) of the words.
      Yes, you can have a Bomomo on your blog. You can create any post you like, after a quick check in with me about the topic, and then you can add a picture, wordle, tagxedo, or bomomo picture to the post. Don’t forget to give the proper attribution for where you got the ideas. (This gets easier with every blog post.)
      What would be a good topic if you wanted to use a tagxedo?
      Ms Clayton

  9. Hey Jill, thanks for leaving a comment on our (Tekau Twenty-Eleven) class blog. I’ve just signed up for the blogging challenge and am overwhelmed by the increased traffic through the class blog and my students blogs. It’s wicked stuff and my class a psyched! I was very happy to see our name as one of the blogs you follow so thanks.

    Lovely work on your art and taxedo, very creative! And your blog all around is very impressive. If you ever want our kids to set up something together I am keen. Let us know.

    Good luck for the blogging challenge!


    • Hi Nic,
      Thanks for getting in touch Nic. Maybe we can set something up for our two crews.
      We are enjoying visiting your blog and students’ e-portfolios.
      I will be back visiting your students as the challenge gets underway. I agree that being involved in the challenge really does increase traffic to one’s blog.
      Good luck with and enjoy the upcoming challenge.

    • Hi Kylee,
      Thank you for the compliment on the Bomomo art. I think that my favourite part of Bomomo is the fact that you can choose to use all twenty tools in your art or you could just use two and be quite happy with the art created.
      Ms Clayton

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