The Class

Autumn 2010 – Division 2 Students’ Versions of  Vincent Van Gogh’s “Twelve Sunflowers in a Vase”

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Grade Five/Six Cubist Art:

Photo Cube

3 thoughts on “The Class

    • Hi Asia,
      Yes, I still have the art work. I was using your postage stamp as an example for the most recent art we were doing. Would you like me to put it in a post so you can see it?

      Ms Clayton
      Send me an email – I miss you…

  1. Hello my name is Sarah I go to school in Sydney. I am in year 5 and I am …years old. My class are learning about different countries around the world. Please could I ask you the following questions about your life and your school?

    Where do you live?

    Where do you go to school?

    Can you please tell me a little about a typical school day?

    What activities do you like to take part in in your spare time?


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