Thank You Ms Smith!

How long have you been blogging? We only just started blogging, but we are lucky to get help from an Internet/blogging neighbour who is also our geographical neighbour. Student Post by Trysten, Darcy and Katelyn

Our Wordle of Thanks to Ms Smith

Our Wordle of Thanks to Ms Smith

What a wonderful day we had creating our avatars and learning a lot more than just that with Ms Smith from Huzzah! . Thank you Ms Smith for helping us with our avatars. We loved the choices you suggested for making appropriate avatars. You had a lot of great tips that were focused on safe Internet use. We will always try to make sure that everything we put on our blogs or in our comments shows that we  each have a positive Internet presence.

Some of the computer and Internet skills that Ms Smith helped us uncover were zooming in on a web page, using screen capture and saving pictures as jpgs. We also got to add our comments onto Ms Smith’s students’ comments so we got to understand “threaded comments.”  We have to say that the best part of the day was going to the websites and creating our avatars. Actually, we think that finally meeting Ms Smith was a highlight of our day too.

This is our Wordle to you, because you took time out of your school day to help us with our blog.

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