Going Global – Challenge 3

We enjoy connecting globally!

One thing that worked in our favour about “going global” was the ability to communicate with my daughter in Japan. Connecting with Sophie, who is an assistant language teacher (ALT) in Miyagi, Japan allowed us to become aware of time zones, lines of latitude and longitude, geography, school life in Japan and recently our knowledge extended to “plate tectonics” and the “[Pacific] ring of fire.” Our dialogue with Sophie in Japan gave us a starting point to begin connecting with classes on a global level.

Sophie at Matsushima 2009

Sophie at Matsushima, Miyagi 2009

Please see previous posts for activities we completed with Sophie. We skyped with Sophie and asked her questions. Neneng wrote a post about school in Toyoma-machi. We made a Smilebox presentation of the photos Sophie had shared with us during a skype call. We were dressed in our Halloween costumes so Sophie shared the photos she had of Halloween in Japan.

We were also able to set up pen pals with students at a junior high school in Toyoma-machi, Miyagi prefecture. We received letters that were hand written and letters that were sent electronically. Students enjoyed reading about the types of music Japanese students enjoyed and the names of their favourite bands. We also enjoyed connecting with students about the art they liked, sports they participated in as well as the food they enjoyed eating.

We also wrote two posts about Sophie’s experience during the earthquake and tsunami.

This post is part of Challenge 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge.

Our Door Is Open: Let Our Writing Be Your Food For Thought!

We are glad that you have stopped by for a bite! We hope you will agree with some of the reasons for visiting our blog. We can offer you an open door to our virtual home, local and global connections through common topics and, most importantly,  friendship.


We would like to say that our goals are humble; however, they are not! Our goal is to connect with you – our reader – and that is not humble in the slightest. We hold our visitors in esteem and value your input and connections with us. So, please, do continue visiting us and we hope that you are able to find a few tidbits to feed on or maybe we will surprise you (and ourselves) with a full meal on some occasions.

Writing for our blogs is only one aspect of our blogging experience. The greater part is to connect with other classes and students and it is through that process that we find ourselves surrounded and supported by all sorts of wonderful class and student blogs. Please visit our blog for we aspire to set our table and welcome you. We want to connect with other classes and hear about things that students and classes are involved in and passionate about.


This post is part of Challenge 1 of the class component of the Student Blogging Challenge

Image Credit: “crocodile in Costa Rica” by DavidGardinerGarcia

It’s Time To Blog With Passion And Energy: This Is A Sloth Free Zone!

We are happily getting ready to blog with lots of students from around the world. The first task has us making our blogs interesting and welcoming. Are you up to the Challenge, Division 2? Sloth_Costa_Rica

We are set to begin Challenge 1 this week. We hope you will join us in conversations over on student blogs even if you haven’t signed up for the blogging challenge.

You will be surprised by the range of interests that Division 2 students share on their blogs.

Image Credit: “Sloth Hangin’ Out in Costa Rica” taken by Guy Derry (my brother-in-law).

Hello Tek2011 in New Zealand!


Hello to our friends in New Zealand. Ms Clayton will be commenting on Tek2011 student blogs. Check them out at Tek2011.

We are ready for the March 2011 Student Blogging Challenge supported by Edublogs.


What is the weather like in New Zealand right now?

In which hemisphere is New Zealand?

What is the time difference between “us” and New Zealand?

Zoom Out Writing on Student Blogs? What is That All About?

There is no zoom story on our class blog! They are on student blogs… 

You need to connect with a student blog over there … on the right-hand side of this class blog! tunnel_vision

A zoom post begins with a picture, but we all know that pictures are limited in what they show us. For example, take a look at “Amit – Tunnel Vision.” What is happening outside the frame of this picture? Is he with his grandparents, cousins, older brother or a new friend? Has someone dared him to go up on top of the tunnel to where he is looking?

If you find it tiresome thinking about writing an entire story about “what might be happening,” please do not worry. The entire task of writing the story is not left to one person. It is up to commenters to leave one part of the story, comment by comment. If you are someone who wants to add on to the story, you must also read all the comments that have come before your comment.

Here is the selection of student blogs that have zoom stories just fresh off the press or just beginning:

Zoe  has a story that zooms out from an icecream cone

Katelyn starts her zoom post with a picture of a puppy.

Neneng chose a cuddly bunny to start her story rolling.

Mimi must be dreaming of a birthday party or…what else could these balloons signify?

Kenneth has us riding off into the sunset with his zoom post.

Darcy has not surprised us with his zoom post being related to his passion for all topics military.

Hilary thinks that someone needs a bouquet of roses…but why?

Sammy might be thinking that this cow is up to no good or…

Dakota has challenged us with a possible galactic happening with his zoom post.

Emma has chosen a Peach-faced Lovebird as the focus point of her zoom story.

Candice wants us to take the perspective of a dragonfly.

Melody has a thing for puppies. Where will her story take her?

Nicole is depending on this cute puppy to inspire us to get our fingers clicking.

Kylee is trying to reach for our heart strings with her zoom post.

Gabe has taken to monkeying around with his zoom post.

Image Credit: “Amit – Tunnel Vision” by M e d a

End of The Week Creativity (Play)

Connecting with a blogging community is a great way to find some creative ways to spend some “free time.”

It is true that this is not the first time I have invested time exploring sites on the Web; however, it is one of the few times I am taking the time to create a quick post around my art.

Tech Creativity

Tech Creativity

Last night, I arrived home from school far too late to get much done except… check in on the Edublogs Teacher Challenge which led me to Ms Cheeseman and Mrs. Fennemore’s pictures created from Bomomo. After I created this art, I thought that I might take all the words from this post and create a “tagxedo” or a “wordle” word cloud. My decision was to use a Tagxedo shape. Since it is snowing heavily, I needed to include this weather theme when considering the shape of my word cloud.


Space Betweeners, please reach back in your memory to your early blogging experiences. We need to polish our commenting skills before the March 2011 Student Challenge begins.

Please leave a comment here that encourages a conversation. What new ideas have you tried in blogging? What have you seen on other blogs that you would like to try to create? What are the most important things you need to remember when leaving comments on blogs? Practise writing a comment here that shows your thinking on the topic and that also engages other readers to connect with you. We welcome all commenters!

 Image Credit: Bomomo Freestyle Art and Tagxedo Word Cloud