Going Global – Challenge 3

We enjoy connecting globally!

One thing that worked in our favour about “going global” was the ability to communicate with my daughter in Japan. Connecting with Sophie, who is an assistant language teacher (ALT) in Miyagi, Japan allowed us to become aware of time zones, lines of latitude and longitude, geography, school life in Japan and recently our knowledge extended to “plate tectonics” and the “[Pacific] ring of fire.” Our dialogue with Sophie in Japan gave us a starting point to begin connecting with classes on a global level.

Sophie at Matsushima 2009

Sophie at Matsushima, Miyagi 2009

Please see previous posts for activities we completed with Sophie. We skyped with Sophie and asked her questions. Neneng wrote a post about school in Toyoma-machi. We made a Smilebox presentation of the photos Sophie had shared with us during a skype call. We were dressed in our Halloween costumes so Sophie shared the photos she had of Halloween in Japan.

We were also able to set up pen pals with students at a junior high school in Toyoma-machi, Miyagi prefecture. We received letters that were hand written and letters that were sent electronically. Students enjoyed reading about the types of music Japanese students enjoyed and the names of their favourite bands. We also enjoyed connecting with students about the art they liked, sports they participated in as well as the food they enjoyed eating.

We also wrote two posts about Sophie’s experience during the earthquake and tsunami.

This post is part of Challenge 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Going Global – Challenge 3

  1. Hi Dusty,
    Thank you for your comment. I enjoy the challenges, but sometimes a class might have certain holidays that get in the way of challenges. If you worry about missing a challenge and that you are not keeping up with others it might get frustrating. You are encouraged to do just complete what you can and to develop good blogging skills along the way. Students and teachers can go back and try things they missed when they have spare time.

    Ms Clayton

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